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In fact, just assume she will get pregnant, so don’t try having unprotected sex, Chief. Does it sound like no matter what she will get pregnant if you have sex?

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Orgasm or fakegasm, either way a woman’s cervix dips down after her sexual arousal is over and “collects” semen. By the time she gets out her douche and finds the optimal douching position, it is far too late. Alcohol, drugs and even Mountain Dew has no effect on her ability to become pregnant during sex. As always, it is a fantastic idea to use a second form of birth control, like condoms. Any sex position, anywhere, anyhow and with anyone can make a girl pregnant. Most studies show that less than 45% of teens have sex before they leave high school.

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Playing “just the tip” also can cause pregnancy, and trust me, you’ll want to put it all the way in. Chances are a girl won’t orgasm at all during her first few sexual encounters and the amount of pleasure or displeasure she receives from having sex has nothing to do with her chances of becoming pregnant. Douching after sex is completely pointless and no, it’s not just a term reserved to described guys who joined a fraternity. It makes for a fun time, but I guarantee my child was conceived on a night I do not remember. The pill is also not effective until at least 1 month after she starts taking it.

(Photo: Education Dynamics) You know you’re in The Maybe Zone when friends repeatedly see you with a man and ask inquiringly: “Are you guys a couple?

” And your response is to shrug your shoulders and say: “I’m not sure really”, or even just “I’d like to be!

Since I want you to be a well-educated, responsible person, here are the top 10 teen pregnancy myths I’ve compiled from over 200 comments and questions left on my past blog, ranked in order of the most outlandish claims. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or 100th time, the chances are the same. Pulling out means that a man pulls his penis out of the vagina before he “comes” to keep sperm entering the vagina.

Feel free to comment at the bottom of this article with the most ridiculous pregnancy myth you’ve heard and I’ll update this with your pregnancy myth vs. Also, your first time will not resemble anything remotely close to what you’ve seen in porn. Pulling out is only about 70-85% effective in preventing pregnancy.

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