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Nadine Kaslow, Ph D, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University. "But if it means he's going out with a bad crowd, that's another thing," says Elkind. "Purple hair, a messy room -- those don't matter." Don't nitpick. "It's the old adage, you catch more bears with honey than vinegar. Share a few tidbits about your own day; ask about theirs.

If you flatly say, you can't go out with those kids, it often can backfire -- it just increases the antagonism." 4. "If it's a two-parent family, it's important for parents to have their own discussion, so they can come to some kind of agreement, so parents are on the same page," says Bobrow. If it feels necessary, require them to call you during the evening, to check in. Tell them: "If the only option is getting into a car with a drunk driver, call me -- I don't care if it's 3 in the morning," says Bodrow. "Help them figure out how to handle a potentially unsafe situation, yet save face," she suggests. Come up with a solution that feels comfortable for that child." 8.

Either is a pretty drastic option, however, since both involve surgery.

Plus, research shows that other options can be just as effective when used appropriately.

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(Video) Learn About AARP's Reward for Good Program: Reward for Good from AARP lets you earn points and redeem them for over 200,000 reards, including gift cards, sweeptstakes, auctions and more. My gynecologist says I can take them until age 50, but then I should stop so I can see where I am with menopause. I see too many women your age who think they're "too old" to get pregnant and just give up on birth control.But until you have gone 12 consecutive months without a period (the true definition of menopause), you could still become pregnant. Having said that, however, it's clear that some options are more appropriate than others based on a woman's individual circumstances and health profile.For instance, you don't mention if you're married, in a monogamous relationship or dating, or how sexually active you are.All are issues you should discuss with your health care professional when determining contraceptive options.

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