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The screenplay gives very little humour to Coco, shes depicted as petulant and headstrong, theres not a lot of joy in her, which is a pity.She must have been not only extremely beautiful but also very charismatic to have attracted the devotion of two such dynamic men.Still, Fontaine’s screenplay is more thoughtful than those looking for a classier Sex And The City might have expected, toying with questions of loss, identity, ambition and compromise.Part of the film’s success lies in the fact that while on paper it’s a tale of triumph, its mood is sombre.Poelvoorde and Nivola work hard with underwritten roles, possibly necessarily so, their almost emblematic function keeping Chanel front and centre.

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However, Coco still has the business that Capel helped her start as a reminder of their love.There are few names more iconic than Chanel, yet few think of the word as anything other than a fashion brand.With Coco Avant Chanel, director-screenwriter Anne Fontaine portrays how Gabrielle Chanel, dispatched, along with her sister, to an orphanage on the death of her mother, transformed herself from lowly would-be orphan to the epitome of style and class, via the salons and boudoirs of the Belle Époque.Nicknamed “Coco” from her days as a singer, she soon turns to sewing to support herself.Coco meets Etienne Balsan who offers her love and an escape from poverty.

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