Aum atichart is dating

Seeing that the only way to heal her son’s sorrowful state is to find him a new love, she arranges a marriage between Sakkarn and her friend’s daughter, Purimarn.

In order to coerce her son into marriage, Sakkarn’s fake an illness. They move into Sakkarn’s house and sleep in different rooms. She tries to brighten up his life by adding flowers into his home and being really lively. Shortly after Sakkarn and Purimarn’s wedding, Aeuy’s sister comes back to Thailand. For years, Ransitha secretly pined over Sakkarn but kept her feelings dormant because Sakkarn was dating her sister.

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His mother is deeply worried and asked advice from a longtime friend who has a daughter.Though some stray from these conventions, most adhere to them, especially ones that are very popular among Thai viewers.Because Thai soap operas present a melodramatic story line featuring simple one-dimensional characterizations to capture the broadest viewership and commercial sponsorship, they generally do not foster critical insight, reasoning, or problem-solving skills, nor a multi-perspective consideration of the human drama being viewed.They are simply an attempt to create dramatic tension and a "showdown" between the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s).Name: Peeranee Kongthai (ภีรนีย์ คงไทย) Nickname: Matt (แมท) Profession: Actress and Model Date of birth: July 28, 1989 Birthplace: ???

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