Birthday ideas for a guy your dating

I say something like sending him on a scavenger hunt just to find a game for Xbox 360 or a Wii.Have a friend hide the game (somewhere safe) and set up the scavenger hunt so you and your guy can both do it together." – Caitlin, 15"I got my boyfriend a poster of the first movie we saw together.He loved it because it came from the heart and it didn't cost much!" – Jessica, 16"Last year I took my boyfriend on a helicopter ride over our city. He was so surprised that he thought it was a joke when he opened the card." – Ashley, 17"The best birthday gift for a guy would have to be something fun and out of the blue.

It included a tent, mattress, lamp and sleeping bags.

I'm not talking about the emotional roller coaster many relationships become, but an actual roller coaster ride to get it started. You can learn a lot about your date by the type of ride he enjoys.

Test his skill level, too, by making him win you one of those big teddy bears.

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just one of those times you are bursting with love, sentimental gifts for men are wonderful.

But, let’s get rid of the stereotype is that men are not that romantic or “mushy” about their feelings.

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