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Then: The Ohioan traveled to the City of Angels for a taste of the entertainment industry, to get a fresh start with new people and to pursue potential career opportunities.

This season, I plan on doing the same, but it will be hard because my rival and his cousin are my best friends rival/partner this season. People actually make fun of me because I will say, “Oh, thats friggen annoying” or “Are you friggen kidding me? The two movies where I know almost every line to are . Girls like what they can’t have, so if you don’t try too hard to get my attention, chances are I will spot you. Take me to a movie, drinks, Dave and Busters, etc.. If you could coin a tagline or hashtag for yourself, what would it be? I have some blonde moments here and there, but who doesn’t?!

So expect some drama." about showing off her butt, how to get her attention, and crushing on Jenna Dewan-Tatum.1. ” If you catch me cursing, I must be extremely mad, and not too many people can get me to that point.2. I mean who doesn’t feel sexy is a hot red dress with heels?! I know I know, couldn’t be more opposite, but they are both 2 of my favorites! I also tend to make up words and not even notice and joke around a lot, so #JENNAISMS would be perfect!

except, there was no love."Ashley ripped my heart out, put it in a blender and served it to me for breakfast," Zac said on the premiere of house, things were different," Ashley explained in an exclusive interview.Since 1992, a slew of young adults abandoned their lives back home to co-exist with a bunch of diverse strangers and, as a result, started getting very "real." As the years have flown by, those then-teens and twentysomething "Real World" alums have grown up and paved the way for a whole new generation of potential casties: their precious kiddos.From Beantown temporary resident Sean Duffy to Key West transplant Paula "Walnuts" Beckert, take a look at some of the most memorable "RW" vets during their televised time -- and then get a peek of their offspring today.By the end of her LA stay, she developed close bonds with Jon and Tami and feuded with Glen.Now: After a slew of unparalleled "Challenge" appearances, B married Matt Ciriello and together they have two children -- six-year-old Julia and four-year-old Nicholas.

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