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The following are some of the commonly used properties of the Button control: Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base.

While HTML5 form validation is typically about missing or invalid text inputs, there are other form element types that also require attention. Suppose you have a form on your website that at the bottom asks people to "accept the Terms and Conditions" or something similar.

It is generally used to generate a Click event by providing a handler for the Click event. Visible = False End Sub Private Sub btn Moto_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btn Moto.

Let's create a label by dragging a Button control from the Toolbox ad dropping it on the form.

The setup and validation of radio buttons appears to be the form field that gives many webmasters the most difficulty in setting up.

In actual fact the setup of these fields is the most simple of all form fields to validate as radio buttons set one value that only needs to be tested when the form is submitted.

The solution here is to give all of the radio buttons within the group the same name but different values.

Here is the code used for the radio button themselves.

Executes Java Script whenever a user moves with the mouse the focus away from an element within a form.Some, but not all, browsers will recognise and enforce this: The advantage of the HTML5 form validation is that it happens before our Java Script is called, displays instructions and points the user to the relevant element.Here you can see screen captures from Firefox and Chrome: Text alert messages are generated entirely by the browser and will even translate automatically into different languages - something that would be almost impossible using just Java Script.The creation of multiple groups of radio buttons for the one form is also straightforward.All you need to do is to provide the second group of radio buttons with a different name to that used for the first group.

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