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They were sent from heaven to cover all sins and make everyone look ethereal, radiant, fitter.When it’s hard to post selfies on Snapchat or Instagram without being really really bait about thinking you look good – which arguably, shouldn’t even be a problem – Snapchat filters give us all a more subtle way of showing off.If you enjoy video chatting with random strangers, and meet someone you want to chat with later, you can add them to your friends list and stay in touch via private email messages through Flip Chat.

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I love you Dan, Nikki, Preston, Jenni (my twin), Alec, Rob, Sean, Alex, Pray, Mary, Brit, Sophie, Chris, Tyler, James, Paul, Scott, Hernan, Jeremy, John, and my favorite; Trevor I've been coming on these chat rooms for a few months now, and I LOVE IT!!!It’s all evidence that’s fairly damning against Avery, something filmmakers might not have been inclined to use given that they’d spent 10-plus years imbedded with both the subject himself and with his extended family.Then again, it’s all evidence that could have been fabricated or manipulated by the evil Manitowoc Country Sherriff’s department, should you believe there’s something going on there.Avery clearly had an obsession with Halbach.— On the day that Halbach went missing, Avery had called her three times, twice from a *67 number to hide his identity.— The bullet with Halbach’s DNA on it came from Avery’s gun, which always hung above his bed.— Avery had purchased handcuffs and leg irons like the ones Dassey described holding Halbach only three weeks before (Avery said he’s purchased them for use with his girlfriend, Jodi, with whom he’d had a tumultuous relationship — at one point, he was ordered by police to stay away from her for three days).— Here’s the piece of evidence that was presented at trial but not in the series that I find most convincing: In Dassey’s illegally obtained statement, Dassey stated that he helped Avery moved the RAV4 into the junkyard and that Avery had lifted the hood and removed the battery cable.Even if you believe that the blood in Halbach’s car was planted by the cops (as I do), there was also non-blood DNA evidence on the hood latch.

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