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They are hugely, sometimes comically, overqualified. Do I want a pastry chef, a swimming instructor or a primary schoolteacher?Used to be we’d only have to give our Au Pairs a safety lecture about drunk guys at bars who assume things when they hear the words “Au Pair”.In our research, we sought help from several au pair-related websites, such as Au Pair Mom, Au Pair Clearing House and Go Au Pair Philadelphia.This was a difficult list to order, as the ideal country to get an au pair from depends heavily upon your personal preferences.They are usually highly educated, sensible, and family-oriented.

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We live in an unfashionable part of south-east London and are offering a shared bathroom and pocket money for which the local youths would not get out of bed.

Living “on a par” (as the phrase “au pair” translates) with us is not the sort of offer that would normally get one person racing to press the “Send” button, let alone thousands. It’s not the quality of our family home but the “pain in Spain” that has meant that we are suddenly awash with applicants.

More than 80 per cent of them are Iberian and of the rest, most are Italian, French or other countries in the eurozone whose names are frequently suffixed with the words “debt crisis”.

Perhaps I’ve watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds, but I am not comfortable with these random guys knowing where we live. Please be sure to check out the "Welcome" tab to see how to navigate through all the goodies here. We’ve been lucky in that our au pairs haven’t been overly interested in dating (at least not that we knew of).

I would love our AP to meet someone special, but I don’t want my family to be affected by a bad decision she makes. Use the two search boxes to find posts on specific topics, and Sign Up to get posts by email. We make clear during their first week that it is not a good idea to get into a car with anyone that you don’t know, and that they should always feel free to call us at anytime of night if they feel unsafe and need a ride.

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