Convenience of online dating

Logging on to an online dating website and having access to 1000s of profiles within your area in a matter of minutes means you can save yourself a great deal of time and also cover more ground After all you couldnt go into a nightclub or a bar, ask all the people to line up and then split them into several categories judged on personality, body type, hair color, hobbies and interests and even salary rangebut you can online Search through almost an endless number of profiles to find a date.Be more picky about who you would like to date instead of winding up with the best of a bad bunch, after all its easier to say no to someone by email than in person.With all of its popularity and sometimes “successful” endings, online dating mostly just adds insult to injury. Here's what happens: You break up with your significant other.Your pain is so intense even Kanye West's recent adaption of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (blessings to Adam Lambert for assisting the recovery) leaves you absent of laughter.At the convenience of your computer or mobile phone, you can do a search query of your shallow-as-heck preferences (i.e.height, body type, etc.) to find you PAGES of potential matches.Everyone tells you what a great option online dating sites are, but is this form of dating right for you, personally?

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Then, in what seems like seconds, you sign in (most likely with your Facebook account), set up a witty rejoinder or quotation to accompany that one profile picture where you look the most candidly successful, and here you are: on the market. I'm judging the photo of the man wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt (Posers are putrid.) and the cute selfie a 20-something, sandy-haired surfer took with his niece (or so he says).

Bonus: You’ll always be introduced to people that are single and looking for a serious long-term relationship.

So long to the days you accidentally dated a person who’s “just not ready for something serious right now.” After all, such a personalized service to find you someone within preference takes time, energy and the most extensive network development you have ever encountered, because let me tell you, matchmakers are the most ridiculously connected people you will ever meet.

You never have to be disappointed by your choice of date as you can take things much slower before deciding to meet up with someone, thus you have more choice and arguably better options.

I'm going to be honest with you: Online dating is not ideal.

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