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The suspect later told Lynnwood detectives that the gruesome plan was just one step in her bid to become a serial killer, according to police.Police arrested the suspect, a 24-year-old woman, on suspicion of first-degree attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed the 29-year-old victim in the chest, puncturing his lung, according to KCPQ-TV.It was simple to find a belay buddy in a university setting: There’s a Facebook page for everything.

Where could I find a location-based social platform populated by people my age and catering to those in search of someone they could spend a day or two with and then move on, no strings attached, should things not work out? Would people be reluctant to climb with me if I failed to offer solid proof that I wasn’t an axe murderer? They both worked for a prominent climbing film company and wouldn’t stop name dropping “Cedar” and “Alex” and “RED Scarlet-W with 8k Resolution” and discussing how talented they must be to have done so well in such a competitive industry.

” I replied.“I enjoy becoming the best at things no one else is good at,” he said.

“I don’t climb anything else.” I went back to searching the app for potentials.

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A Colorado woman was convicted Tuesday of cutting the fetus from a pregnant woman after trying to kill her.

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