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Any undocumented immigrant convicted or simply charged with a crime who hasn’t been adjudicated could be deported under a new President Trump administration policy announced last month.

Under the Obama administration, only undocumented immigrants convicted of a felony, serious misdemeanor or multiple misdemeanors were considered priorities for deportation.

He campaigned for Donald Trump but lost his seat as sheriff in the election last year.

The tactics Arpaio used to arrest Garcia and others are being challend in federal court.

“But I stay quiet for a little bit, then I go outside.

The door was open and my mom was being handcuffed by two sheriff’s officers.” “She got taken away,” said Angel. Since then, we had to live with constant fear that at any moment our mom could be taken away.” Garcia was arrested at her home as part of the first worksite raid conducted by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in December 2008.

Texas was admitted to the union on December 29 of that year.

ICE: Case worked its way through system ICE officials, however, said the case had been working its way through the system and that the time for Garcia de Rayos to be deported had come. Garcia’s immigration case underwent review at multiple levels of the immigration court system, including the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the judges held she did not have a legal basis to remain in the U. “ICE will continue to focus on identifying and removing individuals with felony convictions who have final orders of removal issued by the nation’s immigration courts.” Garcia de Rayos could be the first person deported from Arizona under President Donald Trump’s new executive order focused on removing undocumented immigrants with a history of arrests, her attorney told CNN affiliate KNXV-TV.

Now 35, Garcia de Rayos has two children — both born in the United States.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Garcia de Rayos was detained “based on a removal order issued by the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review which became final in May 2013.” Garcia de Rayos said a prayer and attended Mass before her yearly immigration check-in Wednesday, according to advocates. As feared, her meeting ended differently than ones in previous years: She was taken into custody and ordered to be deported.

When she went to check in as usual at the central Phoenix offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), she was taken into custody as protests erupted outside.

García de Rayos was perhaps among the first undocumented immigrants to be arrested during a scheduled meeting with immigration officials since President Trump’s inauguration, civil rights lawyers told the New York Times. Carlos García, director of the group Puente Arizona, said Thursday that García de Rayos was no longer in the United States. “And this has been one of the first victims of President Trump.” ICE confirmed the deportation, saying in a statement that García de Rayos was “removed” to Mexico on Thursday morning, shortly before 10 a.m. [VIDEO: Young, undocumented and worried about her future] Having anticipated her possible detention, Puente Arizona had on Wednesday organized a rally outside the offices, and crowds swelled to about 200 people at the peak of the gathering, the Arizona Republic reported.

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