Dating cheaters

If you're ready to dive in and give them a try, Cheaters Expose is dedicated to exposing cheaters and unfaithful lovers.

We were the first, and at present, are one of only a few sites on the web where people can check to see if the new love in their life is likely to be faithful to them, or rip their heart out and hand it back on a platter.

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Bad news if your partner loves rock n' roll ...

While there may not be a clinical definition of what constitutes a cheater, the fact is that cheaters exist and they cause far more damage than it's usually worth.

While we would love to have a database of every cheater and unfaithful person on the planet we obviously do not, and can make no promises that just because the new love of your life is not posted on our site as a cheater, that they never will cheat.Cheaters Expose is also a great healing tool for those that have been hurt or jilted by a cheating lover.and we are at present one of very few sites on the net that provide a place for users to post profiles and tell of their experiences with cheating lovers.Magazine adsandcompanies hype pheromones as something that women can't resist and that if you buy their products, you'll have women falling at your feet and get all the sex you want. To date there have been well over 100 different chemicals identified or suspected of having pheromonal properties, and pheromones do far more than just encourage sex.There are pheromones that encourage conversation,increase respect to the wearer, make for deeper connections, intimacy, comfort, and the list goes on.

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