Dating coke trays

In both Real Life and fiction, this is usually Played for Laughs, because the incorrect interpretation typically leads to an absurdity. Would you please, in the name of compassion, tell me which one of those kids is my boss's daughter. A "man eating chicken" (note missing hyphen) seems to be an especially popular variant. Transport was later shifted to railways and many gasworks had internal railway systems with their own locomotives.Early gasworks were built for factories in the Industrial Revolution from about 1805 as a light source and for industrial processes requiring gas, and for lighting in country houses from about 1845.Coal gas was introduced to Great Britain in the 1790s as an illuminating gas by the Scottish inventor William Murdoch.Early gasworks were usually located beside a river or canal so that coal could be brought in by barge.Aside from the syrup bottles used to store Coca-Cola syrup at soda fountains (which themselves have become collectibles), the first bottles used to transport Coca-Cola were Hutchinson-stopper bottles.

The letter is addressed to “Miss Hilda Clark / New York”.

In some cases, there is only only one technically, grammatically, or logically correct interpretation, but it's so easy to misinterpret or mis-write that most people end up getting it wrong at first.

In other cases, multiple interpretations are arguably grammatically correct.

Although very few of these bottles have survived, the Hutchinson stoppers left an important legacy: to open the bottle, one had to push the stopper down through the neck.

When it opened, it popped—which is how the term “soda pop” entered the American vernacular.

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