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His most famous volume of stories, "Red Cavalry" (1926), was based upon his service as a Soviet war correspondent with Marshal Semyon M. But permanent achievement as the "Red Cavalry" stories still appear to be, they did not please Babel himself, any more than they did Marshal Budyonny, who denounced Babel as a slanderer. Before Babel was arrested, in May 1939, he had composed, in a quarter-century of writing, several extraordinary groups of short stories, comparable in esthetic eminence to the best of Gogol and of de Maupassant, whom he had taken as masters. Many-layered: looting, reckless daring, professionalism, revolutionary spirit, bestial cruelty." Omit the "revolutionary spirit" and Babel might as well be speaking of his Polish enemies, or prophetically of the Waffen SS.Hilberg states that the Reichsbahn operated with the same "effectiveness and relentlessness" of other bureaucratic agencies and institutions.Like other agencies, the Reichsbahn approached the Jewish Problem with technical solutions. 316 / Camera Roll 2 Hilberg discusses the banality of the operation and decision-making of the Reichsbahn, the German railway system.

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How do you find that special someone when there are so many "someones"?The Reichsbahn acknowledged no difference between the mass deportations of Jews and the regular trains, as long as appropriate payment was made. Mary Berg's diary achieves, for the sensitive reader, the status of a symbol of man's dignity when every threat was made upon man's sentient being... Once again we are reminded that amid blazing homes, flame-swept streets and mass murders there were human beings who admitted no defeat to the possibility of a better world... Soon after her arrival, Berg rewrote her diary from the original shorthand and prepared it for publication with the help of S. "Mary Berg's diary...records the dignity of man, his moral consciousness.

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