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From Middle-Earth to the Star Wars galaxy, some of the most memorable settings in literature and film are as well loved as the tales themselves.

For Fable II, that world is Albion – a Dickensian fairytale land by way of Harry Potter.

A beautiful watercolour painting of monsters and magic, of heroes and villains.

The countryside is all gorgeous green hills and sparkling lakes, while the town of Bowerstone's Victorian houses are interweaved with cobbled stone paths, filled with people heading towards the hustle and bustle of the market square. Buy up some property and rent it out or sell it on.

The process of inclusion has continued until the present, with some of the fables unrecorded before the later Middle Ages and others arriving from outside Europe.

The process is continuous and new stories are still being added to the Aesop corpus, even when they are demonstrably more recent work and sometimes from known authors.

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