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A recent poll showed that 75% of singles feel that answering your phone on a first date from a list of free dating phone numbers a big turn-off, 66% don’t want you texting on a date, 58% don’t want to see your phone face up on the table, and 45% find it a turn-on when their date keeps their phone off and away altogether.

While turning off your phone for an extended time may make you feel excruciatingly uncomfortable for an extended amount of time, just keeping it out of sight is a reasonable way to show your date that they are important and the focus of your time together.

Unless your grandma just robbed a bank, maybe you should let it go to voicemail.

On second thought, you might not want to explain fugitive granny to your date from a phone dating line anyway.

Going online shows you single people that are looking for a relationship just like you.

It also gives you information about them so you know whether or not it will likely work out between you two.

Online dating is a safe haven, for men to write as many openers as they have the endurance to send.

You don’t have to be an evolutionary theorist to know that men are interested in sex with a variety of women.

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Online dating website like can be a great way to get you out of the dating slump.

I recently read an otherwise attractive girls profile that said, “If you’re the type of guy who pathetically messages lots of girls, hoping one sticks, I’m not interested.” That got me thinking.

When it comes to dating online, men & women really are on 2 different planets, with an entirely different experience. So let’s break this numbers game thing down to basics; Like much of the animal kingdom, the mating game is decidedly old school.

You know absolutely nothing about them or their lifestyle. Setting your boundaries means that you don’t give out personal identifiable information about you.

You can give a general idea about where you live (for example, you live in the city center).

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