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If your first thought upon seeing a G&L Bass is that it looks a lot like a Fender, you have a good eye.This company has the same builders behind its designs as the instruments that defined a generation of electric guitars and basses: Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt.We are working on getting something up there, but with much going on, sometimes these things take a bit of time.jacksonjs30, your serial number traces back to an American Special Jazz Bass, Olympic White, Rosewood fingerboard, completed 1/5/2011 and shipped to a dealer in West Virginia 1/7/2011.While i'm here, please remember that the serial number itself will not "prove" that your guitar/bass is a real Fender....although it certainly is a good step in the right direction. I do know that when it comes to Guitar Dater Project output, garbage in/garbage out is often part of the problem, such as entering "O" for "0" for example.Nor will Custom Shop ones or "V" US vintage reissues. You posted elsewhere and the question was answered there also.

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G&L basses also come with the Saddle-lock bridge design, which cuts down the side-to-side motion of each string's saddle to keep them from wandering.

Compared to many bigger Fender amps the Princeton Reverb (PR) wenr through the CBS/silverface periods with very little changes.

The rectifier tube was one of the tube and circuit changes where the 5U4GB was replaced by a GZ34.

Secondly, GDP was intended primarily to date vintage instruments, so the most recent serials might return unrecognized till the database is updated.

Sometimes "oddball serials" such as any specialized serial format including American Specials, won't work. Luciano thanx Yes Luciano, it is still a valid serial.

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