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this is a Romance Scammer His email address is in the name of Amoo Afeez so that may be telling. I am David Green , I'm a very sweet and easy going person. Has asked for money twice but I'm glad I was smart enough to investigate and actually have friends and family in the military.

COLINS GREENASHLEY NELSON i am deeply touched and honored. He is still on yahoo messenger under sgtnicgreen, his picture is still there but he shows himself off line all the time now.

Now, there is a site which understands the minds of gay men.

If you are looking for hot guys in Dundee Scotland, you’ve come to the right place.

It's been revealed that couples who meet through online dating are 25% less likely to seperate than couples who meet through more traditional means.

The study asked almost 20,000 people, all married, a series of questions about their relationship, to discover how happy they were.

Mygayfind is a great place with vast access to gay guys around the globe to meet gay and bisexual guys in Scotland.

I have great sense of humor, good conversationalist, intelligent, romantic, thoughtful and I like to do variety of things.I'm a medical doctor by profession, born and brought up in Sri Lanka and now living in UK. I like travelling, hiking, reading and many other sports including football. In January 2007 I came to United kingdom for my higher studies. And i also like to go to the beach, with any woman that is ready to open her heart to love, and been loved again. Use this list to check how you are coming across to the social environment and appear to these women who put hours of effort in to look good… Sometimes it's just the simple things or 'Bad Habits' that get in the way.

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