Emerge config files in etc need updating

If calculate ~ # emerge -av --autounmask-write =media-sound/audacious-2.5.3 =media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild U ~] dev-libs/libmowgli-0.9.50 [0.7.0] USE="-examples" 103 k B [ebuild U ~] media-sound/audacious-2.5.3 [2.4.4] USE="nls session sse2 (-altivec) -chardet" 1,191 k B [ebuild U ~] media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 [2.4.4-r1] USE="aac alsa cdda cue ffmpeg flac gnome ipv6 libnotify lirc mp3 nls scrobbler sdl sse2 vorbis wavpack -adplug (-aqua) -bs2b -fluidsynth (-jack) -lame -libsamplerate -midi -mms -mtp -oss -pulseaudio -sid -sndfile" 3,408 k B Total: 3 packages (3 upgrades), Size of downloads: 4,701 k B The following keyword changes are necessary to proceed: #required by media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3, required by =media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 (argument) =media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 ~x86 NOTE: This --autounmask behavior can be disabled by setting EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--autounmask=n" in

Would you like to add these changes to your config files? calculate ~ # etc-update Scanning Configuration files...

Some time later you update world like above, but in the meantime foo-1.6.1 came out fixing an important security hole in foo-1.6.

Portage is the official package manager of Funtoo Linux.

The root password on this system has been auto-scrambled for security.

If any ethernet adapters were detected at boot, they should be auto-configured if DHCP is available on your network.

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Funtoo has recently started using an unmodified upstream Gentoo version of Portage.I then attached the downloaded ISO to the IDE Controller: Then powering on the vm and typing in [email protected]:~$ssh -p 2244 -l root localhost The authenticity of host '[localhost]:2244 ([]:2244)' can't be established.ED25519 key fingerprint is dd:eb::88:ab:64:f:2a:cb:2b:04:c. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?When I emerge most packages I get a yes or no prompt asking to install and compile the package, but on some it asks to update the configuration files.I don't want to update the config files, I want to install the package!

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