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(For example, see Crafting below.) In addition, companion characters have quests for their own storyline.

If the player chooses to complete a companion's quests, it can increase the influence level of that companion.

Companions are non-player characters that the players are able to recruit to accompany them on their adventures.

Each companion character has special skills that unlock over time as they level-up alongside the player character.

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During a player's main storyline, they can obtain up to six companion characters at one time.

With the addition of Section X on Belsavis it's now possible for all classes to gain a seventh companion, HK-51, once they reach level 50.

In essence, please your Companion of choice by selecting dialogue options and actions that he or she can agree with, and give gifts that they love.

In true Bio Ware fashion, romantic pursuits are possible with your Companions and some other NPCs.

Before you start hitting on everything that breathes, keep in mind that flings with NPCs in SWTOR don't blossom into full-fledged, marriage-ready relationships the same way sharing googley eyes with a Companions does.

Only one can accompany the player off the player's starship. The roles can be changed at any time outside of combat or conversation, so each player can be accompanied by their preferred companion regardless of the role they need filled.

Most of the time the player can switch companion any time outside of combat or conversation.

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