Fitness internet dating

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It's no mistake that many of our members come from this area.

South Florida is a great place to run this kind of online dating and activity partner matchmaking website from since so many people down here lead and live active lifestyles, including myself.

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But is there really an exact time to put cardio into your workout that will benefit your body?

Membership privileges are the same and differ only in the length of time - the lowest subscription starts at .50 for 1 month, but there are discounts available when signing up for longer periods.

All profiles are checked before going live on the site, and although you'll be able to gain access, several features (including email) will be blocked until you're approved.

The interesting twist is that for every one woman that joins there are approximately two men thus making it a hidden gem for ladies all over and especially the ladies living in South Florida.

"We do most of our marketing in the South Florida region.

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