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Schomburg scheduled research and acquisition visits to archives, booksellers, and antiquarian shops throughout his trip, including consulting at Seville’s Archivo General the ecclesiastical records of the city’s Cofradía de Negritos and purchasing 185 bibliographical items that he later donated to the NYPL Schomburg collection.

Still, we know from his letters and writings that Schomburg’s main concern in this voyage was the study of European studio painting by or about Afro-descendants dating from or inspired by High Renaissance academic techniques in portraiture and spatial perspective.

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This bibliography includes only the books, exhibition catalogues, journal articles, and articles in edited books that are cited in the text of the printed book.

Created for the Winston House Apartments, Washington, DC.

; 9 January 1908 – 14 April 1986) was a French writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist and social theorist.

The cemetery is adjacent to and considerably smaller than the Johnville Cemetery.

The area was first settled by English Protestants and so this cemetery was established about one hundred years after the Johnville Cemetery when French speaking settlers moved into the region and the need arose to have a Catholic cemetery.

2007, épouse de Jacques Mathieu Beaudoin, Renaud, b.

, age: 1 day, fils de Georges & Anne-Marie Begin, Jeannette, b.

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