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I spent so much reading about ways to be productive — and adopting the tools the authors were selling (they’re always selling something, aren’t they? Meanwhile, the laundry piled up, the furniture turned gray with dust, and the number of things I needed to do grew overwhelming.

So I threw up my hands and decided to wing-it, hoping that I’d eventually stumble across a system that worked right for me.

It took a while (okay, it took a couple of years), but one day things just started coming together.

Since then, I’ve reached a level of productivity in my life that I’m really quite happy with: I accomplish the things that matter most in our lives, and which help our home run smoothly, but I also have plenty of time to do other things…or nothing at all.

But when she discovers she has a long-term vendetta with one of the targets, can she put aside her animosity long enough to save the candidate’s life?

In order to flush out an internationally renowned hacker who is wreaking havoc with top secret documents inside the United States’ Intelligence Community’s secured database, housewife assassin Donna Stone infiltrates three very successful high tech corporations, including an interactive game start-up with an avatar on the deadliest mission of all: kill Donna.

Are you disappointed because you didn’t think life would be this way? Are you angry because your spouse is always late or doesn’t help out around the house?

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While there are many different relationships that can form in response to the Love & Money Wound™, today we’re going to look at the Rich Housewife.Housewife assassin Donna Stone’s green thumb–and for that matter, her trigger finger–is put to the test when she must stop the release of genetically enhanced corn containing a deadly brain-eating virus.Signal Press e Book: 9781942052104 (.99) Trade Paperback: 9781942052210 Hardcover: 9781942052234 It’s time for Donna Stone and Jack Craig to tie the knot–hopefully, not around each other’s necks as they juggle the planning of their wedding with tracking a terrorist in the White House.But when terrorism hits close to home, espionage makes for strange bedfellows–and brings new meaning to the old adage, “Honey, I’m home…” London. Worse yet, an old flame gets in the way of Donna’s chance for true love. Donna and Jack must find him before it is unleashed on Fantasy island.But first they’ll have to deal with a nude sunbathing serial killer, a Lord of the Flies ‘tween takeover, poison dart-throwing pygmies. Donna must stop the assassinations of both US political parties’ presidential candidates.

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