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But when he comes on ‘Fox and Friends,’ they’re like him.

They’re white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company.”Five months earlier my ex-wife and I had a fight.

A young woman walked into a Family Dollar store in Cleveland, exhausted, sweaty and desperate.

Michelle Knight was 21 years old, and she’d spent the past few hours searching for the location of a crucial meeting.

A Rhode Island man who streamed himself on Facebook Live driving 116 mph and weaving in and out of traffic was critically injured when he crashed into a garbage truck and a concrete barrier, police say.

, I conducted an experiment on Twitter to find out the best tactics people can use to discourage other users from using harassing language.

It was August 2002—years before smartphones and Google Maps—and after nearly four hours of wrong turns, Knight spotted the Family Dollar store. Knight was about to walk out when she heard a male voice: “I know exactly where that is.” She looked up and saw a man with thick, messy hair and a potbelly, dressed in black jeans and a stained flannel shirt. While Knight had never met him, she’d seen photos of him on Emily’s cell and overheard her talking to him on the phone. “If you give me a second here, maybe I can show you how to get there,” he said softly. “Wow, you must live in this place,” Knight said, as recounted in her memoir, . Instead of driving straight to the social services meeting, he told her he had to make a quick stop at his house first.

To test this hypothesis, I used Twitter accounts I controlled (“bots,” although they aren’t acting autonomously) to send messages designed to remind harassers of the humanity of their victims and to reconsider the norms of online behavior.

The use of an experiment allowed me to tightly control the context for sanctioning.

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