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The father explains his situation to his daughters with their toy doll Amy's sister is holding, saying that "You love your doll but what if i told you that you was only aloud to play with that doll for the rest of your life" With a reply from Amy's sister saying"Sad." He still explains his situation in a metaphorical way to his gullible children, while making them chant "Monogamy isn't realistic" so it sticks in their heads for a long time to come.

A very short scene but it tells you a lot about why Amy, well... The father has clearly imprinted on Amy in a very negative way in her life but she thinks its the easiest and best way for her to get by in life and that's why it's so funny watching her become something like her father used to be, a player.

and then the slippery slope into one woman's confession, and then into "Who's your doctor?

I think the diversity has become much more accepted.

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My friend and I were emailing one another when we decided we needed to compile an authoritative list of Official Topics of Adulthood.

-Marriage-Divorce-Sex (who is having it, who isn't, or conspiring to hide the fact that they are having it with someone they shouldn't)-Kids-Money-Remodeling-Schools/private schools-Other people-Job/Income-Botox/cosmetic procedures (First it's always... ")-How much we paid for something / best deal ever-Sports-The Oscars-Television-Pets-Gaining/losing weight-Parents and their illnesses/annoying traits-Co-workers and how we are better than them-Illnesses, real, imaginary, and future-Doctor visits-Sex, weird/awkward/ridiculous/lame encounters that make funny stories, after about 10 years have passed-Weird things that happened to you in college-What people would be like in bed/naked-People that behaved in an annoying way at parties-e Bay stories-Craigslist stories-Email mistakes that went bad on you (accidental cc’s, etc.)-Stuff you’ve stolen from your office-Weird things you do in your office (one lady I work with trims her forearm hair with a big old office scissors [and no, she doesn’t have a lot of forearm hair, but still])I seriously don't think I have had an adult conversation about anything than one of the above in the last 8 years.

You can also use the Lake Allatoona campsite table below the map to see the complete list of the campground facilities. The green arrows show how they will fight for the paintings authenticity online chat rooms adult before.

This looks great and an excellent use of leftover turkey.

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