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There are often a few achievements that provide credits that you can spend on new character appearances, missions, abilities, and other nice items.As Tycho points out, while you think Gamerscore and achievements are for you, they are more likely a very cunning way of tracking your gaming demographics.Converting gamers core into currency would allow gamers to purchase new games, or pay for micro transactions with their gamerscore.Doing this would encourage players to rack up as much gamerscore in every game they play in order to receive discounts, or to pay for a certain item fully, by letting go of a couple thousand gamerscore.Anyone who doesn't want to or can not connect to Xbox Live is being duped out of part of the basic service of the Xbox console.It is completely unfair and I think the ability to unlock achievements offline should be reinstated as soon as possible.[Mod Edit: This idea was merged with a similar idea from Wayzofthe Raven. ] Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!Well mine's updated on my profile, and they are showing up on TA, they have even added to my GTASC Team score, but my profile at the top of my homepage, and the card on the top right on TA, will not update, anyone know what's going on?

not sure why it is i have tried signing in and out and obviously tried earning other achievements mostly 10s and 20s. So, I have been playing Xbox 360 for a while now, and have collected quite a few points towards my Gamerscore.It seems like each player has their own points, and they are cumulative across all games.Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!We've added a bunch of ideas that you can now vote on both in the Feature Area forum and in the Clubs & LFG category of the New Ideas forum!

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