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In fact, the best metaphor for the mind might be our immune system.Just as our antibodies are constantly altered in response to the pathogens we actually encounter (we do not have the B-cells of our parents, or of our identical twin), the brain is constantly adapting to the particular conditions of our own life.

Lose a finger and, thanks to neural plasticity, your other fingers will take over its brain space.The instinct of the reasonable observer is that organic changes of this sort somehow absolve the sufferer of the responsibility that would accrue to a child abuser whose paedophilia was congenital. The chances are that the latter tendency is just as traceable to brain mechanics as the former; it is merely that no one has yet looked.Scientists have looked at anger and violence, though, and discovered genetic variations, expressed as concentrations of a particular messenger molecule in the brain, that are both congenital and predisposing to a violent temper. in nature – no amount of “free will” can cure you of schizophrenia, or Huntington’s, or ALS – we should also not assume that every brain disease is equally deterministic.We absolutely appreciate how you made our fanbase relevant and our favorite team respectable. So when we heard you two were hanging around Paul Bissonnette (a.k.a., "Biz Nasty"), well, we had to take action. The feeling that your team can handle being physically challenged with aplomb can be an awesome, powerful feeling. Listen to the people that love you: An enforcer isn't a real solution.Sure, when you first get one on your team and he stands up for his teammates, it energizes the team and the crowd. At the end of the day, you're dealing with a roster player that offers an ability to fight other teams' enforcers, but can't really do anything else particularly well.

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