Hip hop artist dating new thread

On October 25, 2010, she confirmed that she will start work on her second album.In April 2012 Solé shot a music video with one of Ginuwine's artist know by the name of Py Ro.The point of countless lines like these are to express how powerful and independent the speakers are.They aren’t “this is how all women deserve to be treated, and you should treat women this way too!Since then, Cardi has entertained them by retweeting joyful fans who are here for the relationship.The cover star ended her relationship with longtime boyfriend Tommy earlier this year. taken-by=iamcardib The “Back It Up” artist also didn’t hold back on Twitter with fans about the Atlanta native.Well Erica’s got a new love in her life – and her new bae is a rapper. And we all know that Erica used to date fellow LAHH castmate Cyn Santana.So this is not the first lesbian relationship for either lady.

The video received many positive reviews from Solé and Ginuwine's fans.First off, just want to say that I’m a fan of J Cole.I usually list him when I’m talking about lyrical high quality 2010’s artists.I know theres gotta me tons more now I just dont know where to find them really. lol, just a white boy who thinks anyone black rappin' is underground.here is what I got on my i Pod that doesn't get any radio here...

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