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While these websites resemble 'official' Microsoft sites, the patch is in fact a trojan horse.If installed, the trojan horse will connect to an IRC server and participate in a "botnet" which could be used to portscan or to launch DDOS attacks.To handle the load they need a special e-mailing software, like The Bat! They usually rent an apartment and equip it with computers, something like telemarketers office.They work in groups, usually 5-6 gals or guys per group. The duties of the office group is to place profiles and handle correspondence.

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You can send messages ,news,share photos,express your emotions ,make voice calls,in a face to face mood since time and place has no role in your meetings.

We added camera quick launch icon, so you won't miss a good moment for a snap.

you can still chat with friends and contacts, even where the ICQ client is not installed, by using the web-based ICQ2Go that works from any computer.

Chat rooms with unlimited number of members.★ Link to chat — simple way to add members or share group chat.★ Join by approval — control who gets added to the group.★ Channels — broadcast messages, photos and videos to many subscribers★ Entire chat history available at any time across all of your devices.

Make a new avatar – get creative and use filters, badges, stickers and all other stuff!

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