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As it turns out, the origin stories of Googly Minotaur (affectionately called “Googly” by those who worked on it) and its popular peer, Smarter Child, are inextricably linked.

The first objective is to develop methods and procedures for the extraction and organization of knowledge stored in the existing rule-based chatbot.

As a question database, QAg uses previously prepared big noisy datasets.

Dataset is created from several knowledge sources: Cornel Movie dialogs, movie subtitles, Google one billion words dataset and Yahoo questions dataset.

That was no accident: The team at Active Buddy, the start-up behind both Googly Minotaur and Smarter Child, was deliberate about how the bots responded to and interacted with fans and meticulous about refining answers to queries.

That human touch perhaps explains why both bots developed rabid cult followings.

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