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Pathankot is the 9th most populous city in the state of Punjab.After Ludhiana, Amritsar & Jalandhar Pathankot is 4th Largest and populous if SUB-URBAN areas like Sarna(5 km from ISBT), Sujanpur(8 KM from ISBT), Mamun(5 km from ISBT), Jugial(9 km from ISBT) are included.The city is almost 365 km from Delhi, 25 km from Jalandhar, 49 km from Ludhiana, and about 101 km from Amritsar.Surrounding villages include Chak Mughlani, Maheru, Allowal, Mehatpur (Hari pur) (Bhullar) Nawan Pind Jattan, Heran, Bir Pind, Shankar, Nur Pur Chatha, Sarih, Malri and Khanpur Dhadda.Recent excavations at various sites in the district have revealed that the entire area near the Shiwalik foothills was selected for habitation not only by the early palaeolithic man but also by those in the protohistoric and historic periods.

Pathankot is an ancient city and has historical significance.I never know what to type in boxes such as this one but here goes.Originally from Ohio and now living in NC for work. Read more Currelly iam staying in punjab (jalandhar city)... i am a straight forward, understandin, jolly, fun lovin, intelligent person. Read more Hello, I am currently working as a Chief Accountant with an MNC. s College, Lucknow and thereafter her graduation in Arts from Isabella Thobourn College, Lucknow. Pathankot was officially declared as District of Punjab state On 27 July 2011 (Before this it was a Tehsil of Gurdaspur district of Punjab, India).Pathankot district is at the meeting point of the three northern states of India -- Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

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