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She would have definitely won a Supporting Oscar for it and it is positively criminal that she wasn't even considered, Now all we can hope for is that LMM writes her the equivalent of And I Am Tellling You so that she can win an Oscar based on the performance of one song, ala wooden actress Jennifer Hudson.

Why is this kid Ian Armitage, who's going to be playing young Sheldon on the new BIG BANG THEORY prequel, and who does YOUTUBE theatre reviews, only referred to as the son of a Tony-nominated actor? How come we're not hearing anything from War Paint? I thought with Glennie being back in Sunset Boulevard, Patti would at least take a swipe at that. [quote] So Angela's casting in [redacted] puts to rest the awful canard that she was too old/uninsurable to reprise her iconic role as Mrs Potts in the live action Beauty and the Beast.

Even though they were not written specifically to be played at funerals or memorial services, these tunes carry a special message that can relate to a person who died.

Many of these are traditionally chosen by the deceased person's family, especially if the person who died was a country music lover.

Is it true that Bette ordered Gavin to start using deodorant? In the original production, the number was sung -- not danced to any great extent -- by Fred's valet and two other characters who were not members of the cast of the show within the show.

Thank goodness for Stan and dare I say this-Madden.Before they officially met, Dennings and Groban had interacted with each other on Twitter, which quickly escalated to flirting, and each of them had expressed romantic interest in the other to Behrs.Prior to his current relationship with Dennings, Josh Groban dated actress January Jones from 2003 to 2006.Made popular by Diamond Rio in 2000, this ballad is about what you would do if you had more time with someone you loved who has died.This Josh Grobin hit is a new age country song released in 2002.

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