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Bad information naturally gives the Dinar a bad wrap. Well, despite incorrect information and false rumors, the fact remains the IQD has grown in value over the years.What was once valued at 4,000 IQD to 1 USD, is now valued at 1062 IQD to 1 USD. The only scam happening in this speculative play is coming from those creating false hype and rumors in order to generate interest.This reconstruction process has obstructed effective state and nation building in Iraq, vastly expanded the pool of the unemployed and undermined the already limited authority of the interim government.It has also created a vacuum of legitimate power that is be- ing filled with armed resistance groups organized around sect, region and mafia-like local protection rackets.Because this chapter deals with Iraq’s international trade and finance, half of the picture rests with entities outside Iraq—countries, companies, and individuals.

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Authenticating NID notes is often done by a De La Rue machine.Most of those individuals or entities are clearly identified in Iraqi documents, some of which were substantiated through interviews with former Iraqi Regime officials.We name those individuals and entities here in the interest of candor, clarity, and thoroughness.Translations of Iraq’s Bilateral Trade Protocols B. Suspected Intermediary and Front Companies Associated With Iraq L. UN Security Council Resolutions Applicable to Iraq I.

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