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[Photo by Jess Marcotte] When I talk about radical softness for this game, I am referring to both the physical construction and aesthetic of the game and to a specific mindset that is common to some feminist art circles.

All the objects in the game were handcrafted by Dietrich Squinkifer and myself through traditionally feminine-coded crafts such as crochet, sewing, and embroidery.

Responding to online commenters, he said: 'Love the abuse I'm getting lmao.

'It's the simplest of questions - I just went f*****g blank'But others were more sympathetic and agreed that the sum wasn't that easy.

Before lining up, the prisoners are allowed to collectively come up with a strategy. The AI's best strategy resulted in 99 of the prisoners definitely surviving and the one remaining prisoner having a 50% chance of survival.

For this to happen, the first prisoner to speak will say “blue”, if the number of blue hats he sees in front of him is even, or “red” if he sees an odd number.

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Radical softness, both as an aesthetic and as a way of being in the world, can also refer to the conscious decision not to be “hardened” just because that is what the world seems to demand of us.

In addition to 35, Kearon's incorrect guesses included 38 and 32.

He could not understand the concept that the sister in the puzzle is three years younger than the brother - and therefore must be 67 years old when her brother is 70.

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