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They will want you to send money for therapy or for them not to go to the police. The truth is, in most cases the scammer will not follow through with this threat, because following through will cost him time and money.

In some cases the scammer has contacted victim pretending to be Law Enforcement, possibly going as far as to spoof the number of a real local Law Enforcement department to make it appear that they are calling. If he tries to post anything pornographic, most public sites would delete it anyway.

He will tell you if you do not comply he will send the photo’s to your Facebook friends list.

The scammer will meet you again on a social media site. As you progress communicating with this person/scammer he will ask to exchange indecent photographs/video.

Many Social Media Sites such as Skype, Kik, Facebook, Pof and Chatroulette are a home for Scammers and Thieves to use to scam by using threats of fear and/or criminal charges.

He may have asked prior or will ask later to be added to your Facebook account. He will tell you to send money via Moneygram, Western Union, Amazon gift card, Prepaid scratch off card or any other untraceable method to him.

According to KMOV-TV, Rossell convinced her to buy him a Cadillac Escalade, Ford Mustang Shelby and a Can-Am Spyder three-wheeled motorcycle. Marshals discovered that his badges were fake and he had never been an employee, according to the newspaper. John Bisher told the station that Rossell convinced a woman from Ft. to buy the Lamborghini Gallardo and a Corvette Z06. He'd get out there and rev it up and I thought, 'my god what kind of a job does this guy have to buy a car like that." The Ft. The online dating scam was just one of many fraudulent cases Rossell had been involved in.

Without her knowledge, he had opened up three credit card accounts and a Pay Pal account in her name. Police found him in Effingham trying to buy a bus ticket, according to the Post-Dispatch.

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By learning how to spot a scammer, you can protect yourself. But her cell phone seems to be faulty and her old laptop doesn't have a built in camera. A Missouri man was arrested Thursday and charged with four counts of identity theft and one count of impersonating a federal officer after allegedly posing as a U. Rossell began dating women in Pennsylvania, Florida and Union, Missouri after meeting them through the matchmaking service Plenty of Fish, authorities said. He had an active arrest warrant in a separate Franklin County case in a 2013 stealing incident involving rented property. KMOV-TV reported Saturday that Timothy Rossell, 28, drew some suspicions when he was seen driving around Union in a 0,000 white Lamborghini Gallardo. Genevieve County in 2013 involving a misdemeanor stealing case involving two puppies.There are also seen cases where a scammer pretends to an online agent looking for pedophiles. If you pay the scammer he will continue to blackmail you. File a report with your local law enforcement agency and to one of the following below if possible. UK: Action Fraud - members serving US Navy & Marines personnel, you can report it to the Naval Criminal Investigative Services as follows: Your local NCIS Office can be foudn at "NCIS" your tip info to Crimes (274637)"Tip Submit" Android and i Phone App Select NCIS as Agency NCIS Hotline 1-877-579-3648Naval Criminal Investigative Service Russell-Knox Building27130 Telegraph Road Quantico, VA 22134If you cannot report to NCIS, notify your security officer, supervisor, or command. In the unlikely event that he does post something, you need to be proactive and contact the site immediately to have it removed. Nowadays, most online daters who living in urban areas and like free dating, have tried Ok Cupid, with varying results.

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