Not updating table adapter

I'm using the Table Adapter Manager class that was created for me when I created the dataset.I need to instantiate the class myself because there's no instance of the class yet.Hi, Let me try to define the situation; In the page i have a grid and save button I have a Data Table named "dt" and a Table Adapter named "ta" in my website project I have a Dataset named "Data Set1" in my App_Code folder as VS2005 suggested. Hello jeroenm; Thanks for your reply Yes i have checked the status and they are correct I got no error when executing the code No statement is sent to database when Update and Delete, but correct statement sent in case of Insert, as can be seen from profiler Have you tried to explicit cause a failure to see that the Update Command/Delete Command is executed?In my Dataset1 , ihave a Table Adapter with "Fill, Get Data" queries Also in my Table Adapter i have generated the Insert Command, Select Command, Update Command, Delete Command with DBDirect Methods I have bought a component named Janus Gridex, which has nice grid features that i like to use but the data inside the grid needs to be updated manually using events like Adding Record, Deleting Record and Updating Record In these events, i handle the situation by applying the changes in the grid to the Data Table For Adding Record; The Problem is; Inserting record works fine but deleting record or updating record does not work I have set breakpoints before the "Table Adapter. For example: in the Data Set (xsd file) give the table in the Update Command text a wrong name.

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I've got the following code: Table Adapter Manager tab Adapter = new Table Adapter Manager(); tab Adapter.RP_Brans (dataset.tablename) intead of dt (datatable) to see if it makes any changes Data Set rows being deleted, but after the update , the sql database is not updated. Stepping thru the code with the debugger shows the dataset rows being deleted.After executing the code, and getting to the page presentation.Adding rows works, then updating works fine, but deleting rows, does not seem to work. Delete and insert work but update does not Using VS 2005 Details View to insert, delete, and update rows in SQL 2005 database. I recieve no errors and the details View comes back unchanged (as well as table row is unchanged).The dataset is configured to send the Data Set updates to the database. I am trying to use as little code behind as possible.

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