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It’s no secret the Boston Celtics have their sights set on making a major addition to the roster this offseason and the odds of them doing so got a bit of a boost on Thursday afternoon when the league announced the All-NBA teams for the 2016-17 season.If you are or know of big booty Brazilian women who would like to work with me on a few scenes please send me their details.The only thing separating Porc Fest from any other summer festival are the guns, bristling from thigh holsters and slung casually across sunburned shoulders. was recruiting members and voting on which state should be home base for the “libertarianvasion” that was scheduled to launch once 20,000 people signed on to move. says it's only 4,000 signatures shy of setting the move-date for the rest of the members.N O T E -- I rarely use model mayhem anymore, please send all serious inquiries to [email protected] b o u t -- My name is Sydney, I am a new alternative model in the New England/New Hampshire area. Willing to travel if I like your work enough, travel is paid for, you can provide references, and someone can accompany me.Compared to some men in the GOP, this politician looks pretty damn good for his age — and we bet he still has an amazing body underneath his suit and tie.

It’s the end-of-week blow-out for the 2,000-odd people who have been at Roger’s Family Camping Resort and Motel for the festival affectionately termed “the Burning Man for libertarians.” Inside, as true dark falls, flushed bodies move below the winking disco lights, surrounded by brilliant strobes, a whomp-whomp beat, enough haze to make you think this is already a dream.

Nights can get rowdy at Porc Fest, but under clear summer skies, vendors’ tents cluster near maple trees and families fire up grills or listen to clean-cut kids play kickass bluegrass in the shade.

Ashes from several bonfires smolder in the main meadow.

Still, whether you're a seasoned nudist or you've wanted to experience the freedom of clothing optional recreation for the first time, New England does offer a number of campgrounds, resorts, and inns that cater to the less than fully clothed.

Definitely call ahead to make reservations and to inquire about policies (most don't allow cameras, for example, and some require membership).

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