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Then, why is she being like that when the cameras are off? She may have the beautiful face outside but she is empty inside. Her voice really sucks to the highest level yet she pushes her singing career. If you want your annoying neighbor to leave play Kathryn Bernardo "songs" with max volume. Claimed to be classy and elegant but the truth is she's really a social climber and doesn't care about the feelings of other people Disrespectful to parents Carla Abellana She is Trying Hard and She always comparing her self To another Actress Bitter and insecure!

Quit saying in showbiz you can't be transparent because you are not. She claimed herself as a College graduate but her diploma is not worthy because she's just a disgrace in her Alma Mater. Kathryn Bernardo KATH is THE ULTIMATE COPY CAT and trying so hard in a very bad way! She's just lucky because her home network chose her to be their star, and when other great stars who are much much better than her starting to rise, the network can no longer do anything but fabricate everything to make her look on top of the game. (But I pity the dogs and cats that will hear that and be traumatized.

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I'm sorry but all I see with everything she said is admitting she is indeed what she says she's tired of being labeled of. She doesn't even know she is being what the labels are. She's so fake and never respected her parents which in the Philippine society is a no no.

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