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Mark Blake has started a new blog at, where he plans to post a few of his interviews in the upcoming months.

To start with, he has posted an extended interview with Pete Townshend that he did for Mojo magazine in 2012.

But no longer to sleep with anyone other than his Katy Perry, so help him God.

ne afternoon, he's sitting inside a moody Los Angeles cafe called Figaro, enjoying a double cappuccino, and in your life you've never seen any­thing like him.

accolade comes at just the right moment for 29-year-old Magnussen, a talented performer who’s on a rocket ship to mainstream stardom after years of dusty curtain calls.

But this Christmas, Magnussen puts on his big-boy pants.

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Lord Heseltine said the Tories had to start to become more aggressive about Ukip, by calling it the UK Isolationist Party, and resist any temptation to try to copy its policies in the run up to the general election in May next year.Lord Heseltine - a defence minister in 1983 - likened Ukip's popularity with CND, which staged huge marches in the early 1980s against the Government's decision to allow America to site nuclear missles on British soil.Speaking on the Murnaghan programme on Sky News, Lord Heseltine, a former deputy Prime Minister in John Major’s Conservative government, said: “CND was seen as an all-conquering protest group, they had one of the biggest demonstrations in London of all time, I think it still is the biggest of all time and that was in early 1983.Tall as a tree in stacked-heel boots, wearing boa-constricting black leather pants with the bright shiny zipper on the outside ("It's good, it draws the eye"), he's a popinjay supreme, all bearded, swarthy and swishy Jack Sparrow-pirate-looking.He's also about the most fun, intelligent, filthy-minded, egocentric, self-effacing and happily contradictory guy ever.

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