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I moved to Arizona after graduation with no idea what I would do. The reason people go to a church school isn’t necessarily for the superior classes offered there, it’s for the people, right? RB: Do you enforce that people who use the app be LDS?

I just felt like I should be there, and after a stint teaching escape & evasion classes for a startup that was featured on the show Shark Tank, I met the people who eventually became the Mutual team. CB: I would say it’s the fastest growing, most popular LDS dating app. CB: We discussed this a lot, and in the end decided Mutual should be a chapel, not a temple — visitors are welcome.

When his friends arrived at the local Yogurtland, they found it packed with hoards of men, between 19 and 30 years old, milling about in the parking lot, in cars, at tables and in the shop.

Soon, Sammy had amassed about 250 matches, meaning several hundred people had “liked” her back.

And the following day, the roommates messaged each guy, inviting him to meet Sammy at a local frozen yogurt shop in Orem, Utah.

We try to add the name throughout the app too, i.e. Tinder had become the big new thing towards the end of my time in Provo, and I thought it was really fun, but in Arizona it wasn’t really an option if you wanted to date people who were LDS.

RB: Oh, Tinder has to be a whole different thing in Provo.

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