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Since Mao's death, Shaoshan has become a destination of pilgrimage to visit the roots of the defining figure of 20th Century Chinese history, and in turn those of the Communist Party.

Shaoshan lies about an hour's drive out from the provincial capital of Changsha.

Its capital is Hecheng, also known as Qingtian City.

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; literally: "azure field"), is a county in southeastern Zhejiang Province, on the middle-lower reaches of the Ou River which flows 388 kilometers (241 mi) before finally reaching the city of Wenzhou and emptying into the East China Sea.

It is spoken in Qingtian county of Lishui prefecture in Zhejiang, China.

Qingtian dialect is of the Chuqu dialects of Wu Chinese spoken in Quzhou and Lishui prefectures of Zhejiang.

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