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The method that guards the validation returns as it did under 4.2, but calls to or dirty when using a virtual attribute like this.I think we should eventually deprecate this behavior but I talked about it with Aaron and it's not super easy to do [email protected]'s link already points out the new risk of data consistency issues (it's worth reading! It seems to me that model-level syntax to turn partial updates off or on conditionally would be smarter.For example: partial_update :unless = @Rymaï, thanks, I added the link to the show notes.I recommend making a post on the rails core mailing list about this if there isn't one [email protected]: It is amazing to me how cool the rails community [email protected], I'm a little surprised partial updates are on by default in new 2.1 projects as well. Your idea of being able to change this setting on a case by case basis makes sense.

Because of the constraint imposed by this validation, what happens a lot of time is this: , it saves the record without running validations.

Consider this code: is updated after being created it must have a password. What if I want to update the user another way without setting a password?

If the user is activating his account, I want him to set his password.

Because the validations won't allow the user to be updated without setting a password, it's easy to resort to doing this.

But it's dangerous - skipping validations can end up being a nightmare.

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