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The rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr, wrote about how his girldfriend Tammy Torres cheated on him with Drake while he was serving his prison time.

The hip hop recording artist alleged that Drake came clean about his act during a prison visit.

She loves Nicki and thinks she’s fierce bi**h just like her who doesn’t take sh** from anyone,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY. He has so much admiration for her that he had no problem busting out into the ladies’ fierce rap war.

The 29-year-old is wise not to step into a battle that isn’t her’s to fight, even though she made the curious step of unfollowing Nicki on Instagtram Mar. “If Ri were being attacked by a mountain lion, she’d call Nicki for help because she knows Nicki won’t back down from anything. It’s one thing for Nicki to bring in her male posse to help fight back, but Rihanna totally doesn’t have a place in the battle and wisely remained far away from all that drama.

After ET confirmed that Rihanna and Drake are "fully dating," following their sweet interaction on the MTV Video Music Awards stage, the two were spotted looking quite cozy at the 24/7 ultraclub, E11even Miami, on Tuesday night.

If they are still together, it sounds like their love life has hit a rough spot in the road.In a related report by , it’s claimed that Rihanna is infatuated with Eminem and would love to hook up with the rapper.With Rihanna’s boyfriend status up in the air, there has been a lot of speculation all over the internet.Rihanna and Drake were supposedly spotted together, and other reports even say they are “banging” again.Other rumors claim the opposite, saying Drake called Rihanna the “devil” at one point.

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