Rss not updating android

You can run single-process update daemon or update_daemon2(multi-process, runs several update tasks in parallel) using PHP CLI interpreter.Do not use PHP CGI binary to run command line scripts.

Obviously, no updates will happen when tt-rss is not open or your computer is not running. Note that only main tt-rss UI supports this, if you have digest or mobile open or use an API client (for example, android application), feeds are not going to be updated.I was using rss feeds with the proxy successfully for about two years but I can't figure out what might have changed.activity, add an app, Add members, Add to Slack, administrators, all passwords, android, announcement, App Directory, app icon, Apple Watch, archive, Asana, Automation apps, Fair Billing, billing details, billing, bot user, box, browse, calls, Calls ! I don't know if that's the cause, but I can force it to update by changing one of the Feed settings manually each time. The feed will only show the items from before then. If I go tweak a feed setting, it then gets flushed and works.

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