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You can register your guests at any time at the VSS Registration Desk, located in the Grand Palm Colonnade.Guest passes may also be purchased at the BBQ function, beginning at adjacent to the Salty’s Tiki Bar.This year’s Demo Night will be organized and curated by Gideon Caplovitz, University of Nevada, Reno; Arthur Shapiro, American University; Gennady Erlikhman, University of Nevada, Reno and Karen Schloss, Brown University.

In a series of experiments we demonstrate the systems capability of detecting saccade onsets with sufficiently low latency to make scene changes while a saccade is still progressing.

(For clarification, saccade movements are very fast jumps from one eye position to another whereas in smooth pursuit movements, eyes move smoothly instead of in jumps.) The phenomenon can be associated with a shift in frequency of an emitted signal Controlled cortically by the frontal eye fields (FEF), or subcortically by the superior colliculus, saccades serve as a mechanism for fixation, rapid eye movement, and the fast phase of optokinetic nystagmus.

The word appears to have been coined in the 1880s by French ophthalmologist Émile Javal, who used a mirror on one side of a page to observe eye movement in silent reading, and found that it involves a succession of discontinuous individual movements.

The following demos will be presented from to pm, in Talk Room 1-2, Royal Tern, Snowy Egret, Compass, Spotted Curlew and Jacaranda Hall: A square that rotates about its own center appears to be distorted into pincushions with concave sides.

This illusory shape changes is caused by a perceived compression along the curved path of motion.

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