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Also, we get popup messages asking to accept the “Save” or “Delete” as per the code.

We can disable these so that the code can run from start to end without disturbing the user.

You get the following message box telling you that you are missing a "list separator". SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the language used to extract data from almost all databases like Access and SQL Server from Microsoft or, Oracle, Sybase, SAP and also most accounting applications.

Article contributed by Daryl Lucas Many people know they can speed execution of Word Automation by turning off screen updating: Word. Screen Updating = False Many do not know, however, that they can get an even greater speed boost by hiding the application altogether. Application s File Name = "c:\some_folder\presentation.ppt" Set o PPTPres = o PPTApp. Open(s File Name, With Window:=mso False) ' Do your stuff Contents © 1995 - 2017 Stephen Rindsberg, Rindsberg Photography, Inc. You may link to this page but any form of unauthorized reproduction of this page's contents is expressly forbidden. Presentation Dim s File Name as String Set o PPTApp = New Power Point.After section 2 you will be able to develop small and useful macros and even very complex programs. You can you can copy/paste any of them into your own workbooks.When you start assembling VBA words into sentences and paragraphs, it is said that you are coding or developing VBA code. Among the VBA statements that you will discover in the downloadable tutorial on Excel macros, there are the "If" statement including Then, Else If and End If, there is the "Do" statement including Loop, Until, While and Exit, there is the "For" statement including To, Step, Next and Exit, there is the powerful "Select Case" statement including Case, End Select and Exit and other statements.

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