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We never ‘announced’ that the couple would ‘not be employing any [domestic staff]' after their wedding.

What we have always said is that the couple have no plans to employ domestic staff at their home in Anglesey, but in London they have use of domestic staff at Clarence House, the home that they have hitherto shared with the Prince of Wales.

Despite making up half the population, and more than half of communication school graduates each year, women represent just 35 percent of newspaper supervisors, according to the 2014 American Society of News Editors (ASNE) newsroom census.

They run just three of the nation’s 25 largest titles, eight of the 25 biggest papers with circulations under 100,000, and three of the 25 biggest with circulations under 50,000.

Commercial messages and political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and Arabia.

Advertisement usually takes in the form of calligraphic signboards and inked papers.Under Communist rule, the press was heavily censored and journalism jobs paid little.Today, the mainstream media focuses on tabloid-ish content: entertainment, celebrity news, and scandal.The film received polarized reviews from critics on its release but Scorsese received an Academy Award nomination for Best Director.Hershey's performance as Mary Magdalene earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

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