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Nass claims he got a copy of the reading assignment from a student who complained.“The essay in question analyzes the terminology used by gay men in describing their sexual wish-lists on ‘hookup’ or dating sites.In part because the test results were not yet available, both parties asked for a continuance.

I dozed off during the drive, and when I awoke, I was tied up. There, we stayed in two different seedy hotels before settling into a Days Inn near the airport. Oliver invited kids over to play in his yard or watch videos.

He further argues that the district court erred at sentencing by departing upwards two levels without a proper evidentiary basis to show that Oliver caused his victim extreme psychological injury.

Before this court, Oliver argues that the district court's refusal to grant a continuance or, in the alternative, to suppress the DNA and serological evidence, deprived him of the effective assistance of counsel.

Although he always wore a dress shirt buttoned right up to the collar, he looked dirty.

He began sexually abusing me in his house — he would tell me I'd done something bad and order me into the kitchen.

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