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We’ve had emails from people in the States asking where exactly we are, because they’re visiting Ireland in the summer and like the concept. Chief executive Adrian Cummins said: “This law affects more than just the diners who want a drink, it affects thousands of restaurant employees on a busy weekend when restaurants simply won’t open.” A spokesperson from the Licensed Vintners Association was unavailable for comment.

If you haven't already noticed a bunch of your Facebook friends clicking 'Attending' to Sunday Mass, then today is the day.

Monday Wine Club means customers can bring their own booze all day for a £5 corkage fee, so everyone can splash out on a really decent dinner during the week without feeling guilty. The food at this place is the real deal, so organise a cheap and cheerful pick-me-up and don’t forget to order some sides – the mushy peas here are ridiculous. No messing around, you’re eating with your hands for god’s sake.

73 Marylebone Lane, W1U 2PN North Diwana Bhel Poori House This restaurant does south Indian vegetarian street food at its best.

He said: Their interpretation of the alcohol consumption law means you can’t sell it in a licensed premises, but you also can’t consume it in a licensed premises.

So we didn’t want to take the risk of being shut down or something.

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